Dear Serial Alienator,

In 2018, I found it.

There, behind the photo albums and treasures from our trips.

Your white box of secrets.

What it contained was anyone’s guess.

And what it revealed still leaves holes.

Inside that old, dusty cardboard package we learned more truths about you than Jack had known the entire time he was married to you.

In it contained your lies.

Your mistruths.

Your deceit.

Your lack of empathy.

Your tactics.

Your first success at mastering your craft.

Your nondisclosures.

Your history.

Your selfishness.

Your narcissism.

Your manipulation.

Your depths of deceit.

The extremes to which you will go to alienate…

And to think it had sat there all these years.

Containing so many answers.

Right under our noses.

Finally, your secret was revealed …

This wasn’t the first time you’d alienated a father.

Or abused a son.

This wasn’t the first time you’d destroyed a loving relationship.

This wasn’t the first time you’d turned your own child into a weapon.

You’d played the same games with your first son’s father Jon for years.

Making decisions for how Patrick would be raised without Jon’s input.

Using made up illness and weather to prevent Jon from seeing his son.

Refusing to adhere to the parenting plan and constantly making Jon suffer tremendously.

Calling child support services on a weekly basis in Texas and tormenting Jon over back child support although you were receiving over $500 a month – money you purposely hid from Jack in a secret account so he worked yet another job to support a child he thought had a “deadbeat father” according to you.

Having Jon arrested for getting behind on child support payments.

Taking Patrick to unnecessary doctors’ appointments to get him diagnosed with things that never existed.

And in that box, the desperate pleadings of yet another alienated father begging you to let him be a part of his son’s life.

Your responses- cold and calloused – constantly using Patrick as a pawn.

Because the truth is…

You enjoy the torture.

You enjoy inflicting pain.

You enjoy watching your victims suffer.

All under the guise of being a “struggling single mother” who was fortunate enough to escape an “abusive relationship.”

Yet, you are the abuser…

The one who takes pleasure in destroying great dads.

The one who will destroy a child’s mind all for the sake of revenge.

The one who will do “whatever necessary” – according to your hand written notes – to keep Patrick away from his father.

But then again, your own mother did it to your father.

So destroying relationships is in your DNA.

That’s why you destroyed Jon’s relationship with Patrick.

That’s why you destroyed Jack’s relationship with Liam, Mary and Kaitie.

Because, in reality, you can’t help yourself, can you?

Because you in fact, alienator, are not just a repeat offender but also an alienated daughter.

And destroying loving relationships is all you know how to do.

Let us pray that Mary, Liam, Kaitie and Patrick are able to break this generational cycle of trauma so that no other parent ever has to endure the pain of grieving children who live down the street.

And no more children ever grow up believing someone they once loved is now someone to be hated and feared – all because they were used as a pawn in a sick and twisted game of revenge and indoctrinated with lies they were told by someone just like you.


The Girl Who’s Tell the World How You Stole Childhoods and Destroyed Loving Relationships

3 thoughts on “Our Alienator is a Repeat Offender

  1. After 5 years of alienation, harassment and defamation we will receive a custody report today. It makes no sense that we would lose but she’s the mom so we are prepared to. We have three current legal actions going—-A civil defamation case, a criminal case against her for stealing our property while she tried to take one of the kids, and this custody action. I’ve been praying over the king Solomon scripture and in our case there will no longer be any splitting of the baby. We will walk away to protect the kids and ourselves. No one should have to deal with this chaos. Thank you for what you do and share. It helps me to know that we are not alone. God Bless You!

  2. My children and I are going through this. Shame on the people who ignore it as it destroys peoples lives.

  3. Our alienatior was a repeat offender as well. Her first daughter doesn’t even get to know her dad because according to her he abused her. Same story different victim. Our alienatior constantly took our son to the doctor and had him diagnosed with celiacs from him gagging and tummy issues caused from the conflict. When the blood test revealed he did not have celiac she called CPS because Dad would not feed him gluten free foods uneccesarily. So sick that parents will harm their own children to upset their ex. Thank you for exposing this!

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