This photo of Liam and the alienator was taken March 8, 2014 by a friend of ours.

In this picture, you are seeing parental alienation in progress.

March 8 2014

The alienator constantly used sympathy to guilt and manipulate the kids into never leaving her.

Throughout our 10-year ordeal, we learned that on multiple occasions the oldest daughter Kaitie was taken to several of the alienator’s doctors’ appointments for complaints of “swollen legs” and “heart  issues.”

In the few times Kaitie ever mentioned the alienator,  it was in regards to “her failing health” and how things would be better once “she was on disability.”

Actions like these, and like what’s seen in this photo, are examples of how the alienator successfully brainwashed and alienated three children from their father.  Liam is 11-years-old here.

To date, there is nothing physically wrong with the alienator.


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