The white dress was bought.

The hair was fixed.

With perfect shoes to match.

And to an 8-year-old Mary, today was a day she thought would never come.

She’d been working towards this day her “whole life” and after watching her big sister Kaitie and stepbrother Shane get their special day, she couldn’t wait to follow in their footsteps.

It was Sunday April 19, 2009.  We arrived to the church just ahead of schedule to ensure she wouldn’t feel rushed.  After all, a First Communion wasn’t something to take lightly.

She’d been attending this church since she was just a baby and watching her friends arrive all dressed up made the day even more special.

Just before the service was set to begin, the priest summoned Jack to his office.  He told Jack the alienator had called and told him she no longer believed in the Catholic faith.  She went on to tell him she also did not agree with her children growing up in the church.

In the Catholic church, both parents have to give approval for their children’s spiritual upbringing.

To date, Mary has never taken her 1st Communion in the Catholic church.


Main picture above: Mary (left), Kaitie, Liam. This picture is taken on the day Kaitie attended her 1st Communion in 2006.

Picture Below:  Shane’s 1st Communion.  The alienator is holding Mary.  Jack is holding Kaitie.  Shane is taking his 1st Communion.

Stepbrother Shane’s First Communion

Below: Letter from Shane’s dad (Jack was his stepfather) stating he was not informed of the alienator’s decision to have him baptized into the Catholic Church.

CCF07292010_00000 (2).jpg

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