Originally published Published 11/9/2018 in Stepparent Magazine(http://stepparentmagazine.com/parental-alienation-fallout/)*names were changed in article

Revised September 16, 2023

Parental alienation is a heartbreaking reality for many stepmothers like me. When I embarked on this journey almost a decade ago, I was determined to be the best stepmother I could be. I embraced the role with open arms, attending school events, helping with homework, and creating countless cherished memories. I believed that my love and care would eventually lead to a harmonious family dynamic, but little did I know the challenges that lay ahead.

Our family didn’t survive the relentless battle of parental alienation, despite our unwavering efforts. It feels like I’ve been robbed of the life I envisioned. Instead of celebrating milestones like senior pictures and prom, I’m advocating for awareness of parental alienation and its devastating impact on families like ours.

I yearn for the normalcy of an intact family, whether blended or not. I never aimed to replace their mother or step on anyone’s toes; I simply wanted to be part of their lives and witness their growth into amazing individuals. However, the relentless campaign of alienation tore our family apart.

Now, my husband and I are navigating a new chapter, free from the shadow of a vindictive ex-wife. We’re learning to cope with the profound grief of losing the children we once knew and loved, who have now been influenced to turn against us. Despite the pain, I’m determined to raise awareness about parental alienation as a form of child abuse, reaching out to lawmakers and sharing our story to make a difference.


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  1. i support your blog. It is a corrupcion in gov. They dont care about family but about money. Everyday those family cases bring millions of dollars to each courthouse.

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