On October 29, 2010, our counselor Nikki gave the kids an assignment.  They were asked to draw something they thought was “bad.” Liam drew a detailed court scene.

At another counselor appointment on December 3, 2010, he was asked what his biggest fear was.  He answered “divorce.”  He was 8-years-old.

We had never discussed court or divorce in our home.

Liam's Court Drawing 10 29 2010
Liam’s Court Drawing 10-29-2010


For more information about our story and why we speak:

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  1. Your story sparked a question for me (also an alienated mom) about a fear project my daughter did in fifth grade, 2016. Some of the fears were what you would expect from a ten year old child, but one of them was, “Losing the people I love.” I think I need to reflect on this…maybe I will blog about it. Thank you for sharing.

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