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Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Kaitie.

She had long blond hair, bright blue eyes and a smile that would cast a thousand rainbows.

Jack and Kaitie 2012
Band Concert  12/13/2012

Her laugh was infectious.  And with one glance you loved her with a thousand hearts.

She was born July 17, 1998.  I wasn’t there, but I didn’t have to be to know the joy she brought into Jack’s life.

Fireworks.  Sunshine.

Cool rain on a hot summer day.

He loved her more than the moon and stars combined.  She was his first born and the love he had for her could not be measured.

And the evil alienator knew it, too.

The alienator had never experienced a love like those two shared.  Just seeing them together brought disdain for her own flesh and blood.

She was consumed with jealousy and contempt by it.

And she wanted it to end.

So, day and night, all the evil alienator thought about was making it fade.

The smile.

The innocence.

The sunshine.

The laughter.

Kaitie Band Competition
Band Comp 2/7/2015

The endless love for her father.

Making it disappear became her mission.  And destroying the bright and amazing girl Jack loved with his whole heart became her mantra.

But first, the evil alienator had to devise a plan.

To devour Kaitie’s soul she had to be strategic, calculated and cunning.

After all, indoctrinating hate into such a precious, tender heart wouldn’t be easy.  It would take extreme discipline.  And severing the deep bond Kaitie shared with her father would take intense patience.

Kaitie had always been resistant to change.  And she knew in order to turn Kaitie against her father, she had to poison her slowly.

Small bites at first, of course.  After all, nobody willingly eats a poisoned apple.

The plan was perfect.  Now, to start.

At 11-years-old, Kaitie innocently took her first bite. From then on, any and all information echoed through Kaitie’s ears and passed out her lips for the alienator who refused to communicate directly with Jack.

Kaitie 11-years-old 5/25/2009

This would ensure Kaitie was privy to any and all meddlings by the alienator.  She would be smack dab in the middle of the poison.  Exactly where the alienator wanted her to be.

As Kaitie’s indoctrination grew, so did her hostility.

Within days, Kaitie confronted her dad, called him a liar and demanded to see bank records.  He must be hiding money.

And as Kaitie’s hostility grew, so did her deceit.

Within weeks, Kaitie forgot to invite Jack to school functions.  Important dates now slipped her mind.

And as Kaitie’s deceit grew, so did her loyalty.

Ornament Decorating 12/11/2011

Within months, Kaitie accompanied the alienator to doctors’ appointments for made up symptoms.  From then on, Kaitie only referred to the alienator as being in “failing health.”

And as Kaitie’s loyalty grew, so did the alienator’s need for Kaitie to take ownership of her father’s demise.

So, the alienator included Kaitie’s own words in legal paperwork to be used against him in court.

But much to the dismay of the evil alienator, Kaitie started to have remorse.  Kaitie ran to her father and told him the evil lies the alienator was spreading and the terrible things she was making her do.

Kaitie was torn.  Her heart was good and she knew the evil alienator was full of lies.  But she struggled to break away from the poison.

The alienator was angered by Kaitie’s betrayal and consequences shortly followed.

Within days, the alienator increased the verbal attacks.

Within weeks, sleeping pills were prescribed to deal with the trauma of seeing her father.

And within months, Katie was taken to over 16 medical appointments and became convinced she too had a heart condition like the alienator.

With Kaitie now broken mentally, emotionally and physically, the alienator was confident the end was near.

And then seemingly out of nowhere, it happened.

On February 15, 2015.  There.  Behind the wheel of her new car sat Kaitie.



Kaitie's Driver's License Celebration
Driver’s License Celebration!  Last Pic of Kaitie & Jack Ever Taken 2/13/2015


She’d gotten a driver’s license, a new job AND a new car at her dad’s?!





Independence and freedom were not part of the plan.  Ever.

So, the evil alienator decided that day.  In that parking lot.

To do whatever necessary.  To end it all.  For good.

She would sever the bond.

Thanksgiving 11/26/2011

Cut off communication.

Destroy the relationship.

Finally.  And forever.

Fear would be the weapon of choice.  And the plan would start immediately.

Within the next few weeks, Kaitie deemed her car unsafe and refused to drive it.

She then quit her job, fearful of being raped in the parking lot.

By spring break, she refused to see her father stating she “needed time with the alienator.”

Just when Jack’s heart couldn’t take anymore, the evil alienator had Kaitie send the final blow.

The last text he ever received from her came just 2 hours before her next visit.

Dad I’ve been trying to say this for awhile but I just can’t talk to u I guess, I’m just so tired of being pushed and pushed by you and Cheryl.  I’m doing the best I can and thought that would be good enough, I just want to have peace.  I need to take a break from u and stay at moms.  I appreciate all u have done for me.  I feel like I have no control or freedom in my life, I need to make my own choices and not be tracked all the time.  I asked mom and she said that I can use her phone to talk anytime and I know she will because she’s done it before…I am always so stressed that I’m constantly sick and unhappy.  I just need to be selfish and do what I want right now.

The phone was returned to Jack by Kaitie’s sister later that day.

Communication was severed.

Jack & Kaitie 12/4/2012

For good.

Attempts to see Kaitie at school were met with hostility and rage.

The last time Jack ever saw his beautiful Kaitie was in court.

There she sat.  Shaking.  Fragile.  Irate.

With the alienator by her side.

Ready to testify about abuse she’d never suffered.

Her appearance completely changed.  The Kaitie he knew was transformed.

And the girl with long blond hair, bright blue eyes and a smile that would cast a thousand rainbows.

Now looked like a young child.

Long locks now cut short.

Eyes full of darkness.

A new first name.

And the laugh that lit up a thousand hearts.

And was full of sunshine.

Kaitie's Get Her First Job!
Taken 3/12/2015 before her job interview.  This is the last pic of Kaitie in our home.

Had gone dim.  For good.

The evil alienator had finally won her first recruit.

And just like that.

A girl who loved her daddy more than anything in this world.


And the daddy that loved his little girl more than the moon and stars combined.

Lost his heart.


The End.


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4 thoughts on “The Alienator’s First Recruit: Revealing the Dark Strategy of Parental Alienation

  1. I am so grateful to have found this website. Your story is so similar to ours it’s uncanny. You brought me to tears, not just because it feels like reading our feelings and experiences, but because I finally don’t feel alone. Thank you for doing this blog!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words…Im so sorry for all you’re going thru…keep going 💗

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