So, WHY do a survey?

Surveys help us accomplish 2 things:

  1. Learn about our audience
  2. Educate our audience

We believe that education is ultimately what needs to happen to create change. We can’t expect something to change unless we first identify it!

Who takes our surveys?

  1. Everyday people
  2. Law enforcement
  3. Social Workers
  4. Counselors
  5. Lawyers
  6. Judges
  7. School personnel
  8. Child advocates
  9. Medical personnel

What questions are asked?

Click on any of the links below and see exactly the questions asked at a conference.

What have we learned from taking the surveys?

Wow, we’ve learned a lot!

After averaging all survey results together, what we’ve found is…

  • 65% of survey participants have never heard the term “parental alienation”
  • 48% didn’t know parental alienation is a form of child psychological abuse
  • 60% knew someone who had experienced it once it was explained
  • 85% didn’t know that approximately 22 million people are affected
  • 84% didn’t know there are no laws in Missouri against it
  • 55% were unaware that well-meaning professionals such as counselors, law enforcement & DFS were unknowingly recruited by an alienating parent to reinforce the abuse
  • 58% were not aware that well-being checks were used as a weapon by an alienating parent to help indoctrinate a child into believing the other parent is bad
  • 84% are aware that a child who endures psychological abuse suffers anxiety, guilt, self-hatred, depression, low self-esteem, self-harm, drug or alcohol abuse, failing grades, inability to cope/maintain relationships and suicide
  • 84% believe a punishment should exist for those who utilize professionals such as DFS, law enforcement to help make false allegations against someone
  • 74% were unaware that Missouri has a state statute that makes giving a false report to any person a Class B Misdemeanor


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Kansas Resource Fair 2019

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