As the kids’ desire to see their father grew stronger, the alienator pushed back harder.

Sometimes, out of sheer hatred, she’d simply refuse to bring the kids to a school performance, even if they were the star.

That might mean they got to see their daddy.

That might mean she didn’t have control of “her time.”

And she simply would not allow it.

And on March 2, 2010 she did just that.

We arrived early.  Got great seats.

Waited anxiously for Liam’s very first role in The Principal and the Pea.

The lights went down.

And there we sat in the auditorium full of people.

In the dark.




But Liam never arrived.

The show went on without its star.

As we sat in disbelief.

The following week the answer came.

“He wasn’t allowed to go,” the alienator explained.

And so she made sure he didn’t.

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