Journal Entry

It was Sunday, December 5, 2010.

We had just finished watching a movie.   Something had obviously triggered them.

As if commanded to do so, in unison, the kids got up from their seats and began skipping in a circle chanting Burn! Burn!

Jack and I sat motionless in disbelief.

They continued as if in a trance.

Laughing.  Chanting.  Yelling.

Burn! Burn! Evil burn! 

And as quickly as it started, it ended.

When asked exactly what had just happened, the kids responded that they’d recently been having burning parties with their mother in the back yard.

They explained that she took anything from the house Jack had a connection to and set it on fire in the backyard.  She then demanded they follow her in a chant around it.

We would later find out after reading the book Divorce Poison by Dr. Warshak that this is a form of what’s called “stripping.”  It’s a brainwashing technique used to completely destroy any emotional ties the kids had to Jack.

Liam was 8, Mary 10 and Kaitie 12-years-old.


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