For years, inside this home, an invisible war was being waged.

Weekly.  Daily. Hourly.  Sometimes, moment by moment.

Thousands of hours spent strategizing and fighting for the souls of three guiltless and unsuspecting casualties.

Once innocent pawns now turned co-conspirators.

The exact moment of committed deception will forever remain elusive.  Unknown.

Was it while enjoying our home cooked meals?  Our electricity?  Our water?

Or while watching their own 48” flat screen television in their own t.v. room?

Or while playing their own X-Box? Or a tune on their own key board?

Or while using their own family plan cell phones?

Perhaps during a school event we traveled to watch after our 10 or 12 hour work day.

Perhaps during an extra shift we worked to pay for new sneakers, jeans or coats.

Perhaps during a vacation we sacrificed for to Washington D.C., St. Louis or Florida.

And to think as they sat at our table enjoying our amenities, they plotted and schemed.

Calculated.  Heartless.  Cold-blooded.

No mercy.

Hard to understand that exact point of no return.

That exact moment when lying just once more seemed justified.

That exact moment when betrayal became the only option.

That exact moment when thoughts of truthfulness were erased.  And all possibilities of becoming a contributing member of society were deemed irrelevant.

Invisible shrapnel and shattered hearts are what remains.

That final promise must’ve been immeasurable to betray the only ones that were ever there.

Surely, it was for extraordinary moments of grandeur and bliss.  For lavish gifts and lifestyle.

Surely, it was for something more ordinary than just John Wayne and Mrs. Henderson.



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