September 21, 2023

Welcome to the latest update on my blog!  It’s been an astonishing journey spanning over five years since I embarked on this mission to shed light on the harrowing reality of parental alienation. The worldwide impact and outreach this blog has achieved are nothing short of astounding. The very first post was penned on July 9, 2018, with a singular purpose: to expose the grim face of parental alienation as it unfolds in the lives of real people. In essence, it was my way of seeking justice for Jack, Kaitie, Mary and Liam when the court system refused to do so.

Each blog post that follows aims to reconstruct the intricate web of this heinous crime, offering readers bite-sized insights into the nightmare of parental alienation. Through these writings, I endeavor to clarify how an alienating parent skillfully manipulates an unsuspecting child’s mind, effectively transforming them into a weapon against the once-beloved target parent.

Research unequivocally asserts that the sole effective measure to halt parental alienation is complete separation from the alienating parent. In Jack’s case, two of his children were finally liberated from the clutches of the alienator in 2016 when he won full custody.  Tragically, it proved too little, too late. Little did we understand at the time that the irreversible damage had already been inflicted.  The extent of this heart-wrenching tale unfolds in the compelling post dated October 25, 2019, titled “Mary’s Diary of Hate: Revelations of Parental Alienation.” At the time, Mary was 16, and Liam 14.

Desperation runs deep among alienated parents yearning for their children’s return. However, the parental alienation community often overlooks the untold story of what happens when a child, after years of being fed lies, poison, and false narratives, returns home. The oldest daughter Kaitie did, in fact, return in 2021 after 6 years of total silence.  The heartbreaking reality of what unfolded after years of alienation has taken time to grieve which is why I haven’t posted about it here until now. Kaitie’s full-time recruitment by the alienator in 2015 is exposed in the post dated September 1, 2018, titled “The Alienator’s First Recruit: Revealing the Dark Strategy of Parental Alienation.”  Stay tuned for the unraveling of what took place upon her return in 2021 in future posts.

Our forthcoming posts promise to unravel a crucial chapter in our 10-year journey, as we share the only existing audio recording from December 17, 2015. This recording captures a pivotal moment when the Guardian ad litem provided explosive testimony that exposes the distressing reality of parental alienation inflicted upon Jack by naming his ex-wife, Tina Wilkinson, our alienator.

Within this testimony, shocking revelations come to light, showcasing the lengths to which the alienator went in her relentless pursuit to keep the children away from Jack. These tactics included contacting the Division of Family Services in an attempt to place the children in foster care, deliberately concealing crucial information about the kids’ 85 medical appointments from Jack, and orchestrating more than 90 instances where the children were withheld from their father. Fear became a weapon, as the alienator repeatedly summoned law enforcement for well-child checks, further intensifying the kids’ distress.

Additionally, the testimony unveils the alienator’s manipulation of the parenting plan to suit her agenda and the creation of false narratives aimed at stoking the children’s anger toward their father. These tactics are brought to light, shedding insight into the validity of strategies employed by the alienator, including the sinister concept of “brushing off the evil.” For an in-depth exploration of this disturbing phenomenon, refer to our post dated December 18, 2018, titled “The Twisted Games of Parental Alienation: Disrupting Routine and Imposing Strange Rituals.” Stay tuned as we continue to expose the unsettling truth behind parental alienation.


Jack’s heart-wrenching journey through the nightmare of parental alienation began in December 2008 when he filed for divorce. Despite his ex-wife’s history of domestic violence, not only towards him but also their children, she was awarded primary custody, relegating Jack to the role of a weekend dad, burdened with child support payments.

Hope seemed to dawn on December 1, 2011, when Jack secured 50/50 custody. Little did we know, the alienator’s games were just commencing. Over the ensuing years, we witnessed the alienator systematically rewriting cherished childhood memories, involving the children in rituals designed to sever familial bonds, and resorting to fear and manipulation to undermine Jack’s visitation time. She even enlisted the aid of law enforcement, the Division of Family Services (DFS), and other community professionals to further her agenda.

The turning point came on March 22, 2015, when Jack’s eldest daughter, Kaitie, abruptly requested a “break” through a text message. When he next saw her, she was in hysterics and refused to communicate with him.

Recognizing the urgent need to safeguard the remaining two children and now armed with evidence of parental alienation from Kaitie, Jack returned to court. On November 16, 2016, Jack was awarded full custody of Mary and Liam.  However, the hope of ultimately liberating them from the alienator’s grasp proved to be fleeting.

In the subsequent year and a half, the children saw the alienator just twice.

Tragedy struck on May 31, 2018, when Mary and Liam left for their mother’s summer visit and never returned. The following day, a lawsuit for full custody was filed against Jack, and a shocking turn of events occurred when both Jack and I were investigated for 27 counts of child abuse, and our home was deemed “unsafe.”

On June 28, 2018, we found ourselves in court, facing all three children as accusers in a deeply distressing ordeal that had spanned nearly a decade.  In an unexpected turn of events, Kaitie, Mary and Liam were set to testify against us, alleging incidents that had never occurred.  Exhausted physically and emotionally, and having exhausted every legal and custodial avenue, Jack made the painful decision to clear both of our names and walk away from the ongoing torment.

Our resilience and determination led to the creation of “Parental Alienation Speaks” on July 9, 2018, with the publication of the first post—a platform dedicated to shedding light on the grim realities of parental alienation, offering solace to those who have endured similar ordeals, and advocating for change in the face of this heartbreaking injustice.

In a tumultuous journey that has unfolded over the years, our story has taken several unexpected turns. In January 2021, a glimmer of hope emerged as Kaitie, who had endured six years of complete alienation from Jack, finally returned home. However, the challenges we faced were far from over.

On July 19, 2021, we received the devastating diagnosis of my breast cancer, marking the beginning of a grueling year-long battle encompassing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries. Amidst this trying period, Kaitie’s actions took a distressing turn as she resorted to stealing our credit card, persistently lying to us, and evading responsibility for her substance abuse issues.

The mounting toxicity and stress of Kaitie’s behavior became overwhelming, prompting a heartbreaking decision to sever contact with her. This painful choice was made to prioritize my recovery from cancer, as dealing with Kaitie’s pathological deceit proved too much to bear during this challenging time.

Fast forward to January 24, 2023, when Kaitie welcomed Jack’s first grandchild, “Lili,” into the world—a joyous occasion marred by the fact that Jack has yet to meet his granddaughter.

On August 19, 2023, a distressing development unfolded as Kaitie’s ex-boyfriend Kyle informed us that Kaitie had taken Lili to Alabama, where they both now reside with the alienator. Kaitie’s ominous declaration that Kyle “will never see his daughter again” has cast a dark shadow over the situation leaving a feeling of déjà vu of the same painful situation happening all over again. 

The cycle of parental alienation has officially come full circle. 

The palpable uncertainty surrounding Kyle’s access to his own child and the haunting echoes of parental alienation paint a distressing picture that underscores the pressing need for heightened awareness of this insidious and life-altering phenomenon—a darkness that can steal not only a child’s innocence but also their connection with a loving parent. The urgent call for action becomes evident as we confront the harrowing reality of families torn apart by the corrosive effects of parental alienation. Shedding light on this issue is paramount, for it is through understanding and empathy that we can begin to combat the pervasive darkness that threatens the bonds between parents and their children.

As of today, heartbreakingly, Jack remains devoid of contact with all three of his children. Mary and Liam were cruelly taken from him on May 31, 2018, and except for Kaitie’s return in 2021 for a brief period of time, her absence dates back to 2015.

The events chronicled within this blog are not mere works of fiction; they are a stark representation of the truth, meticulously documented from detailed journals that I (Cheryl) diligently maintained throughout the nearly ten-year ordeal. Our paramount objective in sharing this deeply personal journey is to illuminate the enigmatic world of parental alienation and to provide a genuine glimpse of how it manifests in real-life situations. By recounting the actual events that unfolded over that tumultuous decade, our aspiration is to offer you a profound understanding of the harrowing experience that is parental alienation.

The impact of our story has transcended borders, resonating with people worldwide who have grappled with similar trials. Since its inception, our blog has served as a source of solace, empathy, and enlightenment for those navigating the treacherous waters of parental alienation.

Taking our commitment to raising awareness and advocating for change a step further, on November 1, 2018, Parental Alienation Speaks was officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This milestone marked a pivotal moment in our mission to shed light on parental alienation and provide support to those affected by this devastating phenomenon.


Our Mission

Our primary mission in sharing our deeply personal story is to provide you with a profound understanding of what parental alienation truly is and how it manifests in real-life scenarios. We firmly believe that by recounting the genuine events that unfolded over the course of a decade-long struggle, we can offer you valuable insights and knowledge that may enable you to grasp the intricacies and devastating consequences of parental alienation. Through our narrative, we aim to shine a light on this pervasive issue, fostering empathy, awareness, and a deeper understanding of the profound impact it has on families and children. Ultimately, it is our hope that our story will contribute to the collective effort to combat and prevent the destructive effects of parental alienation.


For purposes of this blog and our story, we will refer to Parental Alienation as “the intentional and strategic indoctrination of hate and/or guilt by one parent against the other, with the sole purpose of severing the bond spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with the other parent, thus gaining total power over the child, and ultimately the alienated parent.”  The word “parent” can be substituted with “stepparent” or “family member.”

For almost 10 years, I was a stepmother to Liam, Mary and Kaitie. I documented every detail. Maybe, by sharing those details, I can help you in your fight. I won’t stop until someone listens.

Make no mistake about it, parental alienation should be a crime.


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