Losing the kids didn’t happen overnight.

It didn’t happen in a single day.

It didn’t happen in one sitting.

It was a slow fade.

It happened through many circumstances.  Over time.

It happened through phone calls while the children were in our home.

It happened in our driveway.

At church functions and in the McDonald’s parking lot.

It happened behind closed doors in the alienator’s presence.

It happened right before our eyes.

At school functions.

And for 4 years it didn’t have a name.

For 4 years it remained elusive.

And for those 4 years, we watched helplessly as their spark waned.

Their souls lost hope.

Their dreams started to vanish.

The children we once knew, faded.

Never did it occur to us that someone who supposedly loved her children would purposely poison their minds against their own father.

Only a vile, inhumane monster would consider consuming her own children to get back at someone she blamed for her own demise.

What we deemed fits of jealousy in public at the time were actually indoctrination of hate sessions by the alienator.

But we didn’t know it.

Nobody was present with us while we witnessed these crazy and bizarre behaviors.

There wasn’t a psychologist whispering “It’s parental alienation you’re experiencing” in our ear.

We. Simply. Didn’t. Know. Period.

We are not evil people.  We don’t understand evil.

Or at least we didn’t used to. 

But on October 27, 2011, I captured it.

Like capturing air or the wind.

Like spotting Nessy or Bigfoot.

The invisible and elusive Parental Alienation Shark.  On center stage.

At Friday night lights.

On film.

There they stood, visiting about Liam’s busy week.

Jack listening intently.

It was then the alienator spotted them and immediately sprang into action.

Like chum in the water, Jack’s voice lured her closer.

Like a shark circling it’s prey.

Sizing up her meal before the final bite.

She bumped Liam with her arm.

Letting her prey know she had arrived.

Only a few moments would pass before she realized he wasn’t budging.

And so the shark came in for her final strike.

Lunging at its prey before ripping into his beating chest.

Shredding the innocent father-son moment to pieces.

Like tearing apart a helpless seal and watching it thrash.

She devoured its lifeless, severed parts whole with no remorse.

And in an instant, the attack was over.

The bonding moment completely devoured.

And her 9-year-old victim left staring at the ground, wondering why he isn’t allowed to just love his father.





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