Enlisting the help of local law enforcement to perpetuate the alienator’s agenda was a tactic used repeatedly on us.  For ten years, our lives were plagued with either the police at our door or threats by the alienator to include them.  The few officers that knew us and had an inkling of understanding of what was taking place didn’t treat us like criminals.  However, on more occasions than not, we were presumed guilty until proven innocent. 

The date was August 31, 2014.  We were celebrating my mother’s 71st birthday with a get-together at the house.  Today was also Sunday, the day the kids were to be dropped off to the alienator.  We had 50/50 custody by this time.  Exchange day was always stressful and today was no exception.

Jack left with the kids to drop them off at the meetup spot by 6pm while I stayed home with our guests.  After being gone quite a while, he returned with the kids, stating the alienator never showed and didn’t respond to his texts. 

I felt a setup coming on.

More time passed and the alienator didn’t respond.  Jack then received a phone call from a customer who needed assistance, so he left with the kids, thinking he’d hear back from her by the time he was done. 

By now, almost 2 hours had passed.

Within 20 minutes, a deputy arrived at my door.  It was now 8:18 pm.  He was young, arrogant and lippy.  Never one time did he ask me a question.  Instead, he accused me of “hiding the children” from their mother.  He was yelling when he told me “charges will be filed” against us in the morning. 

The alienator used him and had been successful. 

I went inside to face my company. 

With tears running down my face.

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