Originally posted February 27, 2019/ Revised September 16, 2023

For ten long years, our lives were a relentless cycle of police encounters and alienator threats, each one adding to the torment of parental alienation. Some officers understood the situation, treating us with empathy, but more often than not, we were presumed guilty before proven innocent.

Introduction: Enlisting the help of local law enforcement to perpetuate the alienator’s agenda was a tactic used repeatedly on us. On August 31, 2014, as we celebrated my mother’s 71st birthday, our day took a sinister turn. This was also the day our children were to be returned to the alienator as part of our 50/50 custody arrangement.

The Setup: Jack left to drop off the kids at the meetup spot, but the alienator didn’t show up or respond to his texts. My instincts told me this was a setup in the making. Jack then left to assist on of our customers, assuming he’d hear from her soon.

The Arrival of the Deputy: After nearly two hours of waiting, at 8:18 pm, a young, arrogant deputy arrived at my door. He didn’t ask questions; instead, he accused me of “hiding the children” from their mother, his voice raised as he threatened to file charges against us the next morning.

Manipulation Successful: The alienator had successfully used law enforcement to her advantage, and I was left with tears running down my face as I faced my company.

Parental alienation can be a ruthless battle, with false accusations and the involvement of local authorities adding to the turmoil. This is our story of navigating through the darkest moments of an alienation ordeal perpetuated by those we once trusted.

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