Revised September 17, 2023

Today should be her last first day of school.

Standing in the driveway.  Tears rolling down my face.

Today should be the last time I watch her drive away.

Shaking my head in disbelief.  Wondering where the time has gone.

Reliving the last 10 years of first days of school in my mind.

We should be making plans.

Senior pictures.

Senior prom.


A thousand more tears should be shed.

Picking out her first day of school dress that she always had to wear.

Watching in pride at what an amazing human she’d become.

Driving to see her last band concerts.  Her last competitions.

Her last walk across the stage.

Her last everything.

We should be planning her senior trip, designing invitations, coordinating celebrations.

None of it will be.

Instead, I’m left staring at her lifeless car in the driveway.  Her empty room.

I’m left listening to the deafening silence as she never walks through the front door again.

I’m left to remember only what was.  What could have been.

I’m left with questions and no answers.

Childhood memories of better times.

Replaying of the last conversations, last hugs and last smiles in my mind.

Only 7.3 miles away.

But it might as well be a million.

Now the only thing that remains is the wonder of how a smart and beautiful girl let someone steal her mind.

And her heart.

And her hopes.

And her dreams.

And the people who loved her more than life itself.

Instead, I’m standing in the driveway with tears rolling down my face.  In total disbelief that the alienator stole yet another senior year.




How an amazing young lady could let herself become indoctrinated into hate against the only two people that ever truly loved her.


Picture: May 8, 2018. Mary’s last band concert as a junior.  I could not stop crying!  Looking back I think my soul knew this was the last concert of hers we would ever attend.  I literally can’t believe I’m writing these words to you.  My heart is shattered.

For more information about our story and why we speak:

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1 thought on “Missing Another Senior Year: The Heartbreak of Stolen Dreams due to Parental Alienation

  1. This is my life rn. Only I haven’t been allowed to parent my daughter since she was 8. It doesn’t matter how old they are, as long as the alienator is still I influential in their lives, as long as they are allowed unsupervised parenting time w.our children this will continue to happen.

    Our kids are only trying to survive the best way they can, they are young, vulnerable and susceptible to the master manipulations of these monsters we once thought we loved.

    It’s the same as domestic violence victims, it takes a long time to come out from under the Stockholm syndrome they’ve fallen under. And at their immature levels, it’s even harder for them. Which is why some never come around.

    I hope your step children will eventually be able to break free. From their mother’s abuse and return to your and their fathers unconditional love!

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