Originally posted December 27, 2018 / Revised September 16, 2023

In the challenging landscape of parental alienation, even the simplest aspects of co-parenting can become battlegrounds. The alienator may appear to cooperate with the parenting plan, but beneath the surface lies a web of manipulation and disruption.

One such disruption revolved around the kids’ daily routine after school. Initially, having them ride the bus to the other parent’s home seemed like a reasonable solution. It allowed for snacks and homework help, providing a sense of normalcy for the children. However, the alienator couldn’t resist turning even this arrangement into a chaotic ordeal.

The alienator’s actions were erratic and unpredictable. Pickup times became a guessing game, with no schedule, communication, or explanations provided. This left everyone, including the children, hanging in uncertainty. Should dinner be prepared? Should the kids head to bed? The need for routine and structure clashed with the alienator’s disregard for any semblance of order.

When the alienator did finally arrive, it was never straightforward. Refusing to pull into the driveway or off the busy road, playing the horn instead of sending a simple text, and failing to act like a responsible adult were all part of the game.

However, one day brought a new level of astonishment. On October 29, 2012, a peculiar scene unfolded. As the children rushed out of the house with their jackets, instruments, and backpacks, they made their way to the waiting car. But what happened next was beyond belief.

Liam attempted to enter the car, but the alienator leaped out of the driver’s seat. She ordered the children to drop their belongings and led them in an unusual ritual. In unison, they were told to “brush off the evil” vigorously, leaving no particle untouched.

This bizarre act unfolded before the eyes of the other parent, who could only watch in amazement and disbelief as the children carefully patted down each arm and leg before finally getting into the car, which promptly drove through the yard and disappeared from sight.

In the ongoing struggle of parental alienation, such strange and disruptive tactics served as a stark reminder of the lengths some will go to in their efforts to manipulate and control.

1 thought on “The Twisted Games of Parental Alienation: Disrupting Routine and Imposing Strange Rituals

  1. OMG – this is so disgusting! have faced many of the same things you describe here and I’m sure there are similar rituals that have taken place with my children – wherever they may be. Parental alienation is an evil that infects people’s hearts and minds beginning w/ the alienator. My ex-wife told me many times when were married that she “could start her own cult!” She was so confident in her ability to manipulate people and get them to think and feel a certain way. As difficult as it is sometimes, I pray for her. She was diagnosed with cancer not long after we divorced and I’m sure she’s gone through a lot. With that in mind though, a normal, rational person would be doing everything they could to ensure their children had people around them – beginning with BOTH parents – to care for them if her condition worsens.

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