Introduction: It was January 26, 2010, a date etched in my memory as one of the first times I witnessed the devastating effects of parental alienation up close. The setting? A seemingly ordinary band concert. But what transpired that evening revealed the heart-wrenching consequences of family conflict and manipulation.

The Alienator’s Presence: As we entered the auditorium, there she sat—the alienator, accompanied by Mary and Liam. Waves of excitement swept over the kids as they spotted us, and joyful cries of “Daddy! Daddy!” filled the air. But what followed next would forever change the mood.

A Drastic Turn: With the swiftness of a predator pouncing on its prey, the alienator sprang to action. She dashed to the end of the row, occupying the last seat available, and forcefully slammed her legs against the chair in front of her with a resounding thud that echoed through the auditorium.

Shattered Smiles: The once-beaming smiles on the children’s faces quickly faded, replaced by confusion and despair. The alienator’s booming declaration pierced through the room: “It’s MY TIME!” Her voice was so loud that it silenced the entire audience.

Tears and Darkness: Tears welled up in the eyes of the little ones as the lights dimmed, and the concert began. The atmosphere had shifted from one of anticipation and happiness to one of heartbreak and tension, all too familiar in the world of parental alienation.

Picture: October 28, 2012- Liam(10), Kaitie(14), Mary (12)

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1 thought on “Heartbreaking Moments: Parental Alienation at a Band Concert

  1. Blocking at a Funeral – I have been alienaed from my daughter for over 10 years . I have 3 grandaughters that do not know me due to the brainwashing my ex has caused. He told me when I divorced him you will not see them. Recently, my daughter lost her mother-in-law which was sudden and unexpected. When I went to the wake my ex got up posted 2 people at fhe coffee room door with their legs spread and arms folded un from of them like guards so I could not get to my daughter. The father in law hugged me 3 different times and was so happy to see me. He told me he and the deceased knew what they were doing to me and told me to hang in there. My daughter walked down the aisle at the funeral and turned my grandaughters faces away from me. This is in fact abuse. It was also said I should have not gone to a funetal where I was not wanted. I would like thoughts from everyone on what was done to me at this funeral.

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