Why Parental Alienation Speaks

For eight years, Jack and I fought against parental alienation. On November 16, 2016, we successfully proved in court that parental alienation had occurred with his oldest daughter Kaitie. Because of this, he was granted sole legal and physical custody of Mary and Liam.jack and cheryl

For two years, we watched as Mary and Liam thrived. We naively believed that physically separating the kids from their alienator would prevent it from happening again. We were wrong. On May 31, 2018, Mary and Liam walked out the front door for their mother’s summer visit, and never came back.

Parental Alienation Speaks is a platform to share our journey through parental alienation. For 10 years, we watched as the alienator rewrote childhood memories; included the kids in rituals to sever bonds; used fear and manipulation to sabotage visitation time; enlisted the use of the police, DFS and other community professionals in order to advance the agenda… and so much more.

The purpose of sharing our story is to help you understand what parental alienation looks like and what may possibly be happening in your very own home. Who knows, you may be witnessing someone stealing your children from right in front of you.

For 10 years, I was a stepmother to Liam, Mary and Kaitie. I documented every detail. Maybe, by sharing those details, I can help you in your fight. I won’t stop until someone listens. Make no mistake about it, parental alienation should be a crime.