Support for the Parentally Alienated thru Random Acts of Kindness

Dear S.P.A.R.K.!

During our 10 year Parental Alienation War, Jack and I felt completely isolated and alone.  We were the only ones we knew struggling to fight this evil and to save the souls of the children that were being turned against us right before our very eyes.

Never in a million years could we have imagined that on July 9, 2018 when I posted our first blog, we would be connecting with alienated parents all over the world!  To say it’s been an unexpected joy is an understatement!

I started blogging to show the world how my husband’s children were turned into weapons and used against us.  Through that story, we’ve heard hundreds of other stories just like ours!

Daily, I’m heartbroken to hear yet another chronicle of how a child’s mind was poisoned and how another parent is left shattered.

Our stories tie us together.  Not only do we understand the battle, but we also share commonalities in so many other ways…

We struggle to breathe.  Some days it’s only moment my moment we are able to get through the day.  We are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and the next battle to start.

We struggle to exist.  We’re all either fighting to save our child, currently on the battlefield or are already alienated and have given up.  Our souls are broken.

We struggle to be visible.  We’ve given up on trying to have relationships with outsiders.  We’re too tired and trying to explain our war only makes it worse.

We struggle to find our identity.  Our lives literally changed overnight.  Our lives no longer revolve around school functions, band concerts or soccer practice.  Overnight, we went from being parents to being outsiders with struggling to find purpose.

We struggle to hang on.  Daily we’re forced to make decisions like whether to pay the mortgage or pay the attorney for the next fight.

We struggle to survive.  Those of us that are alienated are grieving.  Those of us in the throws of battle are struggling to keep our heads above water.

We struggle to believe in anything good.  Many of us have given up on God or just good in general.  We’ve beat up by the court system, DFS and all of those “professionals.”

We can’t change our circumstances.  But we can support one another through conversations online, words of encouragement and random acts of kindness.

That’s where S.P.A.R.K. comes in…

SPARK’s purpose is Spreading Hope to the Alienated One S.P.A.R.K. at a Time!

Parentally Alienated Parents need to know they aren’t alone in their fight!

Now, here’s where YOU can get involved…

#1.  Let us know who needs a SPARK sent their way…maybe it’s you!  Maybe a friend!  Or maybe it’s someone you barely know on social media but want to send them HOPE thru a SPARK!

Give us their name, address OR anything you know about them… Many of those alienated like to be anonymous and that’s ok!  A social media handle is fine too!

#2.  Let us know who YOU are!  If you’re the friend, tell us!  We won’t tell unless you want us to!

#3.  DONATE!  We’re paying it forward and want to spread hope to someone’s darkness.

Anything you can give us is appreciated!  Don’t forget, it’s all tax deductible!

Let Us Know Who Needs a S.P.A.R.K.!

 –One SPARK may not change the world, but one person’s world may be changed by your SPARK!-




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