#1. Before today, had you ever heard the term “parental alienation”? 

37% yes        63% no

#2.  Before today, did you know that parental alienation is a form of psychological abuse?

44% yes 56% no

#3.  Do you know anyone currently experiencing parental alienation?             

50% yes                      50% no

#4.  Did you know that parental alienation affects approximately 22 million people in the U.S.?                                     

10% yes                       90%   no   

#5.  Are you aware that currently no laws exist in Missouri preventing parental alienation?     

10% yes             90% no

#6.  Are you aware that DFS, law enforcement, school counselors and other well-meaning professionals are often unknowingly recruited by an alienating parent to reinforce the abuse?     

27% yes          73% no 

#7. Are you aware that well-being checks can be used as a weapon by an alienating parent to help indoctrinate a child into believing the other parent is bad?              

29% yes                 71%   no

#8. Did you know that a child who endures psychological abuse can suffer from anxiety, guilt, self-hatred, depression, low self-esteem, self-harm, drug or alcohol abuse, falling grades, inability to cope, inability to maintain relationships and suicide?                

73% yes                   27% no 

#9.  Do you believe a punishment should be in place for a parent that utilizes DFS, counselors and/or any other professionals to help them make false allegations against someone?         

73% yes 27% no     

#10.  Are you aware that a statute already exists – State statute (RsMo code) 575.080 -that makes giving a false report to any person – a Class B Misdemeanor?                                                                        

36% yes       64% no 

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