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What’s Covered:

  1. The Definition We Use for Parental Alienation
  2. Facts That We Know About PA
  3. Definition of Psychological Abuse & Categories
  4. PA Terminology
  5. The History of PA
  6. How PA Mimics a Cult
  7. What Has to be Present in Order for PA to Exist
  8. The 17 Alienating Behaviors Used by Alienators
  9. The 5 Categories of Tactics Alienators Use to Alienate w Examples
  10. Levels of Severity of Alienation & Factors That Determine It
  11. Cognitive Dissonance
  12. What ACES Is and How Parental Alienation Ties Into It
  13. How a Child’s Brain Forms
  14. How PA Impacts a Child’s Brain
  15. The 8 Specific Behaviors Exhibited by Children of PA
  16. Who Alienates & Why

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