On December 17, 2015, amidst a staggering 17 court appearances, a pivotal day was uniquely recorded, capturing a momentous turning point in our relentless battle against parental alienation. This specific court date emerged as a consequence of the alienator’s relentless attempts to undermine our family. Back on September 24, 2015, she had invoked the intervention of the police, despite a prior moratorium on such actions imposed by Judge Tony Williams in July 2015.

The audio recording from that day commences with police officers testifying regarding the “well child check” called for by the alienator on September 24, 2015. However, what unfolds after their testimonies can only be described as miraculous. The existence of this recording, nearly forgotten, recently resurfaced while searching for other records. During this revealing session, our guardian ad litem, Brandi Smith, bravely identifies the alienator as Tina Wilkinson. Brandi’s testimony unveils the harrowing tactics employed by Tina against Liam, Mary, and Kaitie, including the disturbing concept of “brushing off the evil.” She further discloses that Tina confessed to contacting the Division of Family Services (DFS) in an attempt to place all three kids in foster care, a sinister maneuver aimed at severing their contact with Jack.

Key revelations from December 17, 2015, include the alienator’s perplexing ambivalence toward the children, her frequent calls to DFS, the complete absence of abuse by Jack and Cheryl, and her systematic alienation of Kaitie. The recording exposes Tina’s manipulation of the parenting plan, perpetuation of fear, and unsubstantiated false accusations against Jack and Cheryl, all while corroborating the notion that the only effective solution to halt the alienation was physical removal of the children from Tina’s influence.

Additionally, Brandi’s testimony dismantles several accusations made by Tina in court, affirming them as fabrications. This includes allegations concerning Kaitie’s feelings about spring break, threats of suicide, and supposed neurological “ticks” when in Jack’s presence.

In the second recording, Tina Wilkinson takes the stand. Her testimony reveals a penchant for circular reasoning and feigned ignorance, further illustrating the complex dynamics at play. Tina’s relentless refusal to adhere to the rules and her deliberate act of playing dumb are profoundly frustrating, especially when a mountain of evidence clearly contradicts her continual false allegations. This defiance can be an immensely distressing aspect of parental alienation, as it perpetuates the suffering of innocent children and targeted parents. Tina Wilkinson’s actions, deliberately causing harm to her own children, are a distressing manifestation of the twisted mindset that can accompany parental alienation.

Regrettably, despite the identification of our alienator and the consensus that the imperative next step was to liberate the children from her grasp, this crucial action was inexplicably delayed. The reason cited was the need for comprehensive psychological tests, a process that would extend for an agonizing 11 months. This protracted waiting period provided the alienator with 11 additional months to further indoctrinate and manipulate the children. It stands as yet another stark example of the systemic shortcomings within the court system, perpetuating the heartbreaking ordeal of parental alienation.

December 17, 2015 Audio #1: Includes Guardian ad litem Testimony

December 17, 2015 Audie #2: Tina Wilkinson, Alienator Testimony

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2 thoughts on “Unveiling Our Alienator: The Truth About Tina Wilkinson

  1. Hi Cheryl, Thank you for this new post. But how do we proceed? Parental Alienation sucks the breath and life out of us. Is there any hope? Do kids final begin to understand as young adults? Or does life continue to be painfully bereft? After giving and giving and forgiving and trying and walking on eggshells and being accused falsely and all along just wanting to love your child and have even a scrap of a relationship and be loved in return, is there any glimmer of hope? If not, how do you carry on now? How do you move forward? What have you and Jack done to overcome your grief?

  2. It sucks when the judge is blinded by the actions of a true alienator so much so that the judge only wants to look at the father as the only reason a child wouldn’t want to go with the mother. When in fact it is the mother that fails to be around for 6 months stretches and has the man around that attacked the child once already make the child feel uneasy and creaped out by that man with his mother despite a therapist saying take it slow let it be just you as the mother of the child and child have time with just the two of them. To only not take the advice and yet force the child be in the environment he doesn’t like. Then lieing to the court to get sole custody of the child with all the cut and pasted videos with none of her responses or actions in them. Manipulating the count into believing a made up world with her being the only good parent and getting the father out of a sons life. Destroying his world even more that it was from the divorce already. What a terrible manipulative world we now live in. Completely unjust with no justice to be served. I will never I trust to a court in my life time again. A judge with a glorified lowes hammer in her had reaping hate and despair on to child of a divorce.

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