Dear Parental Alienation Speaks Family,

Everyday is painful for a parent who is alienated from a child.  School buses are not stopping at the house and birthday parties are not being planned.  The daily routine that used to include soccer practice, band concerts, choir, plays and a thousand other school activities have now come to a screeching halt.PAS tree jpg

A child who has been alienated has experienced intense emotional and psychological abuse by the alienating parent.  They’ve endured tactics utilizing fear, lies, manipulation, sabotage, rituals and possibly even the implantation of false memories.  Their minds are now used as weapons against the targeted parent.

For most of us, the silence came without warning.  A switch was flipped.  The kids simply never returned from the alienator’s house after a routine visit.  All communication was cut off overnight.  Cell phones were confiscated.  Names and appearances were changed.  The parent has literally been stripped from the child’s mind and life. As if that wasn’t enough, for many of us the child is now making or has made false claims of abuse.

Never in a million years did Jack and I believe we would be experiencing this from the loss of all 3 children.  As you may know from reading our blog, the grief, pain and betrayal have been overwhelming.  Mary and Liam have changed school districts.  Their lives are now literally an anomaly to us.  When they’ve been seen in public by close family and friends, they have refused to engage or even make eye contact.  Jack has not seen his oldest daughter Kaitie in over 3 years.

I attended a conference a few weeks ago and from seat 318, I felt the burden for those affected by Parental Alienation in a way I had never experienced before.  There are approximately 22 million of us who are going through this nightmare.  Because of that, I’ve set an alarm for 3:18 pm everyday to pray for those experiencing this pain.

This year, instead of ornaments on the tree, Jack and I have placed names of parentally alienated parents and children that need your prayers.  We are asking for you to join us on the battlefield by adopting someone from our tree!

All you need to do is send me your name and address and I will send you a card with someone on it to pray for!

Please join us on the battlefield!

Jack & Cheryl

       “Together they will be like warriors in battle trampling their enemy…” 

                                                                                                         -Zec 10:5

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